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Our office is located at 1142 Willagillespie Rd., Ste. 10, Eugene, OR 97401. We are in the Delta Triad Professional Building on the lower level of the property.  Upon entering the Delta Triad parking lot, take a sharp left to the lower level parking lot. Suite 10 is in the center of the lower level.

Most folks are seeking a full, comprehensive major medical plan. We help you purchase these plans either with a tax credit through, or without a tax credit outside Think of this tax credit as a discount off the regular monthly premium. Eligibility for a tax credit is based upon household size and the combined income of all household members. Household is defined as ‘who is on this year’s Federal tax return’. Income limits to qualify for tax credits for various-sized households can be found here. What type of income is countable is found here.  We don’t expect you to be experts after reviewing these pages. This information simply gives you an opportunity to prepare.

What will you need for your appointment?

Please bring social security number(s), income and date(s) of birth for all people who are shown on your Federal tax return.

If you have any questions, give us a call.


If you are a person who likes details, keep reading!

In past years we’ve used to shop and enroll. Most of you are accustomed to this. Going forward we will use HealthSherpa, a system that offers a much simpler process for enrollment: the questions are simpler and you don’t need to create an account. HealthSherpa will calculate your 2020 tax credit based on estimated income for those of you who qualify. It also allows you to enroll. It even pulls your prior application in so all you need to do is update your old information.

If you make too much money in 2020 to qualify for a tax credit, HealthSherpa is still a good shopping tool. It enables you to compare plans and rates, but you won’t want to use it to enroll. Go to your agent’s link below to enroll.

Availability of tax credits are based on income and availability of employer-based health insurance. For example, if you are a single-person household (as defined by not having anyone else on your 2020 Federal tax return), then the upper income limit to get a tax credit is about $49,000. You can test this by entering various incomes on HealthSherpa. For income limits for other household sizes, click this link.

Feel free to click your agent’s link below to go to their customized webpage. The agent page allows you to enroll with your preferred insurance company, or just search for in-network doctors and drug coverage.

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