Fall 2019

This page holds ‘from A to Z’ information regarding applying for a 2020 individual health plan in Lane County and the surrounding areas, eligibility for tax credits/subsidies, rates, coverage and more.

We’re presenting 2020 plan information in a seminar format at the Holiday Inn Express, six sessions total We took a video of a session and will post it here for those of you who could not attend, or would like to see the video overview of 2020 plans plus Q&A. This link contains the slides from our 2020 health plan renewal presentation.

We are using a new system this year for enrollments and renewals. The system is through a website called healthsherpa.com. Each agent has a HealthSherpa link. You can use your agent’s link to self-renew or apply if you like. Instructions are in the slides linked to above and in the video. Furthermore, each agent has a full page of resources such as links to search for drugs, doctors, plans, and rates for each company doing business in Lane County next year. At the top of the agent page, you’ll find the agent’s HealthSherpa link. The links lower on the page are for you to research information about plans, doctors, and drugs, but don’t use the application links lower on the page unless you do not qualify for a tax credit.

Here is the income chart that shows who is eligible for a tax credit or the Oregon Health Plan. Use your agent’s HealthSherpa link to get a good estimate of your tax credit amount based on the income amount you input.

Income Chart

Agent Pages: