Fall 2019

This page is for individuals and families applying for 2020 health insurance plans in Lane County and surrounding areas for rates, coverage, tax credits/subsidies, and more.

We are using a new system this year for enrollment and renewals. The system is called HealthSherpa. Each agent has a link. You can use your agent’s link to self-renew or apply. Instructions are in the slides linked to a video click here. At the top of your agent’s page (see your agent’s name below as the link), you will find your agent’s HealthSherpa link. The other links below it are for researching different plans, medications, and doctors. Please do not use the application links on those pages unless you do not qualify for a tax credit. By using the HealthSherpa link, you will get an estimate of your tax credit based on the income amount you input. Please use gross income unless you are self-employed.

Here are videos from our recent ‘2020 Obamacare renew’ classes. Between parts one and two you’ll get an overview of 2020 plans and help on enrolling in a similar manner to our face-to-face meetings at our office. The audio is low; you’ll need to turn it up.

Part one:

Part two:

Below you’ll find a link to an income chart that shows who is eligible for a tax credit or the Oregon Health Plan. Next, use the ‘agent pages’ links below to go to your agent’s page.

Income Chart

Agent Pages: