Obamacare – Choose Your Plan and Finish Your Application

Now you’re ready to ‘choose a plan’.

If there is more than one person shopping for health insurance, then the next page you’ll see is the ‘shopping groups’ page. You can split family members up into separate groups, in the event you want different plans for each spouse or child. The tax credit amount you selected, if any, will be used in full according to however healthcare.gov divvies it up between multiple policies. You’ll need to go through the entire shopping process once for each group.

Time for a video break: I’ll walk you through shopping for health insurance. My talk will mostly pertain to people outside the Portland Metro area, because those of you in Portland have many plans which are geared specifically to you and not to anyone outside your area.

Virtual sales appointment: I’ll help you choose a plan:

The 2016 Moda Health Plan brochure

Moda preferred provider search page

The 2016 Providence Health Plan brochure

Providence preferred provider search page. Use the Signature network for Balance plans, and Choice network for Choice plans. Balance plans are better when it comes to accessing out-of-state providers.

Note that the rates in the above brochures are the ‘gross’ rates, and don’t include your tax credit. They also won’t show you any Silver plan Cost Share Reduction benefits.

After reviewing the above info, click the big green ‘continue to enrollment’ button. On the next screen, click the green ‘choose a plan’ button. You’ll get three pop-ups. Review them to whatever extent you like. I usually close the first two, but you may want to see the third pop-up. It tells you how to renew on your existing plan for 2016.

After you’ve reviewed all plans and rates to your satisfaction, here’s how to renew your 2015 plan for another year. Look for the ‘saved plans’ button at the top of the page. There should be a numeral ‘1’ in a white box if you have a current health plan and are renewing for 2016.

See here:

A couple other things about this page:

  • You’ll notice that of all the silver plans available, the ‘Providence Choice 2000 Silver’ shows up first when you sort plans by cost. That’s MY plan!
  • You’ll notice the screen is showing ‘net’ premium. The ‘gross’ premium is in small text under the bold monthly premium shown per plan.
  • Just click ‘enroll’ if you want the same plan for 2016, then ‘confirm’ on the next page.

If this is your first time on healthcare.gov or if you want a different plan for 2016, just click the green ‘enroll’ button next to the plan you choose. Then keep shopping for any remaining shopping groups.

Eventually, you’ll see this page. I always print this page for my records:

This page is very important! Not only does it verify your plan choice, it is your last chance to assign me as your agent for 2016! Click ‘Is someone helping you select a plan and enroll?’. Enter Jeff Tomlin in the first and last name boxes, and 92063 in the NPN box. If you entered my information earlier, this will already be pre-filled for you.

After reading the text at the bottom, tick the box to the left of the text. The ‘confirm’ button on the lower right corner will turn green. Click it.

You’re nearly done! At this point, you kind of are done but sort of not done. There is no coverage until the premium is paid. Some of the companies have payment systems which are tied to healthcare.gov (Providence, for example). On the next page, if the company has their technology working correctly, you’ll be given a chance to pay for your January premium. Click the green ‘pay now’ button if you wish to ‘seal the deal’ right now. It will take you to a page where you can pay for January. Providence, for one, will accept a checking account debit or Visa/Mastercard payment. Be aware that if you enter your payment info, they’ll take it right now. They won’t wait until January.

If you don’t want to pay right now, you are done with the healthcare.gov website. Just watch your mailbox for your policy number and ID card to show up in the next couple of weeks. If nothing shows up within two weeks, something is wrong! Call us for help if I’m your agent, or call healthcare.gov.

When the paperwork arrives, it will include your policy number and instructions on how to pay your premiums. If, however, it is really close to December 14 then you should pay right now.