If you are seeking a tax credit to help pay for your insurance in 2021, use this HealthSherpa link.

If you want dental and/or vision insurance quotes, we recommend NationalCare Dental. They offer the highest annual benefit we’ve seen; up to $5,000/year. Use this link for more information.

The other links below are for Jaylene’s clients to check specific Insurance carriers for medications
(Formulary search), doctors (provider search), plan comparisons, and more.

Clients who wish to self-enroll and ensure Jaylene is listed as your agent of record can use the
enrollment link for the carrier of your choice. By using the enrollment links below, you will not receive a tax credit/subsidy.

PacificSource provider search. Select ‘Smart Choice’ network and ‘plan year 2021’ from the drop-down boxes before searching.

PacificSource drug formulary search. Click the ODL (Oregon Drug List) button.

PacificSource 2021 side-by-side plan comparison brochure (download)

Jaylene’s PacificSource enrollment link


Regence Blue Cross provider search. Click ‘choose a network’, then ‘Browse a list of networks’, then ‘Medical-Oregon and Clark County, WA, Individual Plans’, then select ‘Individual and Family Network’. Then, ‘confirm selection’. Make sure ‘your location’ at the top of the page is set to Eugene. It tends to default to Portland.

Regence Blue Cross drug formulary search

Regence 2021 brochure

Jaylene’s Regence Blue Cross enrollment link


Providence provider search

Providence drug formulary search

Providence 2021 brochure

Providence does not provide enrollment links to agents; contact Jaylene.


Kaiser provider search. Note that McKenzie Willamette and OMG are not covered.

Kaiser drug formulary PDF document

Jaylene’s Kaiser enrollment link


Moda provider search. Note that McKenzie Willamette and OMG are not covered. In the ‘Network’ drop-down box, select ‘Affinity’, then click ‘search by network’.

Moda drug formulary search. Select ‘Individual/Family’ under ‘Prospective members’.  Next, enter your Zip Code, then the year 2021, then type in your drug name.

Jaylene’s Moda enrollment link