What are Medicare supplements? What is Medicare Advantage? This information was covered in Part 2 of Jeff Tomlin’s free presentation at Lane Community College: Medicare 101 – The A, B, C & D’s. Please enjoy a brief summary and video of this portion of the course.

Many people come to our business really nervous about going on Medicare. Perhaps they worked for the city of Eugene or another large employer for their whole career and have never had to think about health insurance options. They don’t know what to expect and they assume it’s going to be a painful and time-consuming process.

We hope this puts everyone at ease: you cannot “shoot yourself in the foot”. In our opinion, all the Medicare plans are good and can provide benefit to you. The key is understanding Medicare and choosing the one that is right for your needs.

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Who Will Take Medicare Coverage?

When you are on Medicare, you can see any doctor in the country that accepts Medicare reimbursement, which is 90 – 95% of doctors available to you right now. Medicare pays doctors approximately 1/3 of what private commercial insurance companies pay.

If you take a Medicare Supplement, you may have trouble finding a doctor if you are not already an established patient. If you’re not an established patient, you might have to take a Medicare Advantage plan in order to find a new doctor.

What are My Medicare Supplement Options?

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, meaning you can buy them from a variety of health insurance companies, and it is always the exact same plan. Plan F is an example of this and is the most popular. When you turn 65, one company might be selling the plan for $150 per month, or another for $250 per month – but they are the exact same insurance plan.

Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage

The thing about Medicare is it’s a bullet-point list of covered services, whereas private sector insurance coverage is based on whether or not your doctor says it’s “medically-necessary”. Medicare Advantage covers medically-necessary procedures, and it also pays doctors up to 15% more than what Medicare supplements pay. This is why it may be easier to find a primary care doctor if you’re on a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare supplement plans F will generally cost $1,600 – 1,800 more per year than entry-level Medicare Advantage plans.

You can look at it this way: having Medicare supplement plan F is like paying in advance for your medical care. Some people prefer this, so that should they need services, they are covered in full. Others prefer to pay for what’s needed, or to get their “bang for their buck”. For these folks, Medicare Advantage may be a better fit.

At Tomlin Benefit Planning, we can help you decide on a plan, based on your preferences. It will cost you nothing to meet with Jeff or any of our other agents.

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