private health plansWe have confirmation that Moda Health will sell private health plans in Lane County in 2018. That means we’ll have a total of two companies available, Moda and Providence. Both are only offering quasi-HMO plans next year, with PCPs and referrals to specialists required. Moda already has rates posted here. No rates from Providence as of yet.

As a reminder, group plans offer more options and better rates than individual, private plans. If your business qualifies for a group plan, or you want to know if you qualify, please do contact us.

Open enrollment for 2018 begins November 1 and runs through December 15. Most Lane County residents can simply let their existing Providence plan roll over to the nearest 2018 version. Note, however, that the 2018 plans are completely different from the 2017 plans. If you were insured in 2017 with Regence Blue Cross rather than Providence, you will need to enroll with Providence or Moda for 2018. If your coverage is through, you should automatically be enrolled into ‘something’ for next year, rather than simply being canceled. If your plan was direct with Regence Blue Cross, you’ll be left with no coverage unless you actively seek out a new plan with Providence or Moda. That’s why we’re here. Come and see us!

Many Lane County residents have appreciated the alternative care which has been built into Moda plans in the past. In 2018, Moda will not cover alternative care such as acupuncture and chiropractor visits.

Our office will send out newsletters during the weeks leading up to open enrollment. Send us a message or contact us if you’d like to receive our newsletters about private health plans. The purpose of the newsletters is to help you understand the renewal process, and walk you through it.

Thanks for reading.