How to Send Documents to

We recommend always uploading, never mailing documents to At times, will request proof of income, proof of new address, proof you’re not in jail (really!) or something else. This request is usually printed on your approval letter, but at times you’ll receive a request at a later time. There will be a deadline to provide the info. If the deadline is not met, will take away your tax credit or cancel your coverage altogether.

We’ve had clients literally mail documents 3 times via US Mail, and lost the documents all three times. Then our client lost their coverage! The only way to be positive healthcare.gove received your documents is to upload them inside your account, then call them a few days later to confirm. Most of the time, this is sufficient. We can scan documents and upload them for you if we have your login.

Here’s how to upload documents.

First log in. When you log in, click the silhouette in the upper right corner of the screen:

When you click the silhouette, a few options will appear:

Click ‘my applications and coverage’. A list of 2018 and earlier applications will appear. Click the 2018 application link:

Next you’ll arrive at a page with a left-hand menu. Click the ‘application details’ link. It should be the 4th link down. If has requested documents from you, a dropdown box allowing you to select the correct type of document will appear, along with a green ‘select file to upload’ button, as seen here:

After you click the green button you’ll be able to pick the PDF file from your hard drive. Click ‘upload file’ after selecting your file. Sometimes there will be 2-3 green buttons if has requested several pieces of info. Otherwise you can use the green button repeatedly to upload multiple files. I recommend you take a screenshot after uploading, to prove you’ve done so. That’s it! Remember to call a few days later to confirm they have what they need.


Jeff Tomlin