How To Update, Change Income, Address, Family Info, etc. in Your Account

If there are no changes to your household regarding income, size, address, etc., you are probably fine to just let your account update itself with a new 2018 application. Assuming similar insurance is available in 2018, everything should just roll along by itself. Things don’t always go well, however, and you should call to confirm what they have in mind for you in 2018.

If your 2018 application needs to be updated due to changes in household, income, divorce, moving, etc., you need to log into your account and modify your application. This process is not in the least bit intuitive so I’ll walk you through the process. (Note that you can also update your account over the phone by calling at 800-318-2596, if you don’t have a login or it’s more convenient to make the call.)

First, login to your account. All of your interactions with your account start by clicking the small silhouette in the upper right corner: account


After you click the silhouette, a few options pop up: account

Select ‘my applications and coverage’. Next you’ll see each year’s application. Select the 2018 application: account

After clicking the 2018 application, you’ll see a menu of options on the left. Nearly all interactions with your account happen here. In this case, select ‘report a life change’: account

You’ll have to click 2-3 more times to confirm that you really do want to report a life change. To review the entire application, always select the ‘report change in income’ option. Note that you’ll have to click through every single page of the 2018 application. The system doesn’t allow you to go straight to income, for example, then just get back out. You’ll need to complete every page, select your 2018 plan, and finish the application entirely in order to update your application and ensure enrollment for 2018.

Now you’re inside your 2018 application. First, tick the ‘someone is helping me with this application’ box. This is in the ‘review your household information area at the very beginning of your application: account

I’m helping with your application via this web page you’re reading, and I’m an agent. Please select ‘agent or broker’. Note that it costs you nothing at all to have an agent. Next you’ll write in my name and National Producer Number (NPN) of 92063 as shown below: account

Or you might see a slightly different screen like this: account

Either way, the information you enter regarding me, your agent, remains the same. If you’re already a client of my agency my name of Shonna Butler’s name should already be entered. But often deletes the agent info. If Shonna Butler is your agent and the agent information is blank, please enter her name and her NPN number 16458731. Now you’re ready to proceed through the entire application, updating address, income, etc., as needed. Again remember to completely finish the application including selecting and enrolling for 2018. Otherwise you could end up not covered. In order to verify completeness, follow steps 1-3 above. In the left-hand menu click ‘my plans and programs’ to see the plan you’ll enroll in for 2018. Please do contact our office if you have any problems.

FYI we’re also adding a page ‘how to upload documents’ for those of you who have been notified by that they want proof of income, address, proof you’re not in jail (I kid you not), etc.


Jeff Tomlin